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TSE Sense - Intelligent Air Brake Actuators The next step in Brake Chamber technology

TSE-SenseTM Smart Brake Actuators continuously monitor brake stroke and transmit the data wirelessly to the TSE-SenseTM Data Integration Box.

Patent-pending technologies diagnose brake issues in real-time, including:

  • Dragging brake
  • Overstroke condition
  • Emergency spring failure, and
  • Cross-axle brake imbalance.
TSE Sense - Intelligent Air Brake Actuators

The TSE Sense Caracteristics

  • TSE Sense™ Brake Actuator:
    • Wireless transmitter
    • Measures brake stroke of actuator
    • Monitors emergency spring condition
    • Logs brake performance data
    • Patent Pending

  • TSE Sense™ Commissioning Tool:
    • Wireless receiver
    • Performs brake diagnostic checks
    • Predicts needed maintenance
    • Provides visual alerts for wheel end problems
    • Easily integrated into telematics systems
    • Patent Pending

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