Slack Adjuster

Indicator Slack Adjuster TSE Brakes Introduces New Brake Adjuster With Stroke Indicator.

TSE Brakes, Inc. is introducing the latest innovation in their line of Auto Slack Adjustors, with the new Brake Adjuster with Visual Stoke Indicator.

As fleets strive to ensure their equipment is operating properly and safely this new product will assist drivers and technicians with regards to meeting and exceeding DOT requirements. In addition, the single pin design eliminates the need for templates and assists with eliminating errors in installation.

Indicator Slack Adjuster

This new product has all the features of the current product, plus these enhancements

  • Improved Bushing for more durability and longer life
  • Integral Pressure Relief Valve to reduce chances of over-pressurization of seals
  • Clutch Adjustment Assembly with optimal extra fine adjustments
  • Single Pin Design for ease of first fit installation or replacement
  • Easy to use visual stroke indicator
  • Water egress caps over torque nut and grease fitting

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Standard 7 year
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