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OmniBrake REX : 3030TVR2

OmniBrake REX: 3030TVR2

Brake Type: S-Cam Brakes
Application: Trailer
Suspension Type: All


Unit Type Aftermarket
Stroke (in.) 2.5"
Service Size 30
Parking Size 30
Lead time (weeks) 8 weeks


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Technical Data

OmniBrake REX : 3030TVR2
Chamber Type 30-30
Stroke 2.5"
Service Volume (in3) 105
Emergency Volume (in3) 108
Weight (lbs) 21.0
A 8.2
B 4.75
C 9.9
D 8.1
F 1.4 (REF)
Inlet Ports 3/8-18 NPTF
Mounting Studs 5/8-11UNC

Replacement Parts

OmniBrake REX : 3030TVR2
Stroke 2.5"
A- Release Bolt Assembly K1003015-PL
B- Dust Cap K1173007
C- Clamp Assembly K1343013-EC
E- Diaphragm K1003000
F- Push Rod K2-1003011-15.15
L- Clevis Assembly K1103023

Warranty (4 years)

The TSE OmniBrake REX Characteristics

  • Patented design
    • U.S. Patent No. 9,050,958 and 10,913,439
    • Up to 75% less installation time
    • Two part numbers handle most applications:
      • 180° clock rotation eliminates need for stocking both left and right hand units
      • Less inventory needed
    • Less shared leak responsibility
      • Diaphragm comes factory sealed

  • Easy
    • Less training
      • Simple instructions
      • Quick lock connector saves time and allows for easy, safe clocking while under truck/trailer
    • Less chance to install incorrectly
      • Patented design eliminates potential failure compared to conventional designs
      • No "clamped" air connection to worry about when setting port locations
      • Kit comes complete (two pieces vs competitor's eight pieces)

  • Buyer
    • Less tracking for parts shortages
      • Competition kits have 8 pieces – TSE VCT has only 4 pieces
    • Less labor time to install (Testing results confirm up to 75% less time)
    • Less chance to do it wrong (Highest installation failure mode eliminated)
    • Smaller box size (Means less space needed for inventory)
    • Universal fit means common service base installation
      • Less parts to buy and store on shelf
      • Better coverage with only 4 part numbers

  • Shop Manager
    • Simple work instructions (60% less than competitors)
    • Less sealing responsibility (Diaphragm comes factory sealed)
    • Quick Lock connector saves time and allows for easy, safe clocking while under truck/trailer.

  • Installer
    • Less parts to check (Kit comes complete every time (4 pieces vs 8))
    • Less air leak points to check and align
    • Less time to install
    • No "clamped" air connections to worry about when setting port locations

  • Road Service Repair
    • Less responsibility for correct installation
    • Less chance of having the wrong parts on the truck to make repair
    • Better coverage with only 4 part numbers
    • Less time under the truck/trailer to make repairs (Up to 75% less)
    • More likely to create a happy driver (Back on the road quicker)
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