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UltraLife+ : 24SCLW3ULP

UltraLife+: 24SCLW3ULP

Brake Type: S-Cam Brakes
Application: Truck
Suspension Type: All


Unit Type Aftermarket
Stroke (in.) 3.0"
Service Size 24
Parking Size N/A
Lead time (weeks) 8 weeks


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Technical Data

UltraLife+ : 24SCLW3ULP
Chamber Type 24
Stroke 3.0"
Service Volume (in3) 92
Emergency Volume (in3) N/A
Weight (lbs) 9.75
A 7.3
B 4.75
C 4.4
F 2.25"
Inlet Ports 3/8-18 NPTF
Mounting Studs 5/8-11 UNC

Replacement Parts

UltraLife+ : 24SCLW3ULP
Stroke 3.0"
B- Dust Cap K1173007
C- Clamp Assembly K1002413
E- Diaphragm K113240

Warranty (6 years)

The UltraLife Plus Characteristics

  • New Urethane Coating
    New urethane powder coating applied over our proven 8-step e-coat base provides industry leading long-term resistance to humidity and corrosion

  • Proprietary TSE Seal
    Proprietary TSE Sealed When It Counts™ utilizes air pressure in chamber to push the diaphragm against the housing drain holes to create a secure seal against moisture and contaminates while driving. When parked, drain holes open up to allow draining and ventilation.

  • Patented bushing
    Patented bushing, prepacked with low temperature synthetic grease, provides a seal that reduces center section leaks and brake drag

  • Dust cap pressure relief valve
    Dust cap has pressure relief feature to prevent back pressure or vacuum in spring compartment

  • New Urethane Spring Coating
    New urethane powder coating applied over our proven 8-step e-coat base for the ultimate spring corrosion protection.

  • TSE High Vibration mounting base
    TSE designed High Vibration "HV" mounting base reduces vibration for longer life

  • Optional fixed position clevis
    Optional fixed-position clevis with stainless steel pins maximizes corrosion protection and helps reduce seized pins and bent push rods
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