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TSE Sense - Intelligent Air Brake Chambers The next step in Brake Chamber Technology

TSE-SenseTM Brake Chambers continuously monitors brake stroke and transmits the data to the TSE-SenseTM Data Integration Box (DIB).

Patent-pending technologies diagnose brake issues in real-time, including:

  • Dragging brake
  • Non functioning Service brake
  • Non functioning Parking brake
  • Slow brake actuation
  • Slow brake release 
  • Overstroke condition
  • Emergency spring failure
  • Same axle and Cross-axle brake imbalance
TSE Sense - Intelligent Air Brake Chambers

The TSE Sense Characteristics

  • TSE Sense Brake Chamber
The TSE Sense system uses our tried and true UltraLife Plus brake chamber as its foundation
Each brake chamber is equipped with a sealed wiring harness

  • Characteristics & Functions
Each UltraLife Plus Sense Brake Chamber is individually calibrated
This calibration includes identifying information—i.e. stroke rating, parking size, service size, etc.
The Sense system generates brake stroke measurements
The Sense system logs brake performance data

  • Data Integration Box (DIB)
The DIB is the centralized ECU for the TSE Sense system.
The DIB is mounted on the sliding tandem frame.
The DIB provides power and communications to the Sense Brake Chambers and communicates with the host telematics system.

  • Characteristics & Functions
The DIB connects to Blue (AUX Power), White (GND), and Red (Brake Light) circuits
The DIB interfaces with 4 or 6 Sense Brake Chambers
The DIB processes incoming data and generates flags
The DIB sends messages to the telematics via CAN Bus or RS-485
The DIB contains an on-board Accelerometer to detect vehicle motion

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