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UL-Disc : 2016HTND2UL-4313

UL-Disc: 2016HTND2UL-4313

Brake Type: Air Disc Brake
Application: Truck & Trailer
Suspension Type: All


Unit Type Aftermarket
Stroke (in.) 2.5"
Service Size 30
Parking Size 30
Lead time (weeks) 8 weeks


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Technical Data

UL-Disc : 2016HTND2UL-4313
Chamber Type 20-24
Stroke 2.5"
Service Volume (in3) 62
Emergency Volume (in3) 91
Weight (lbs) 17.7
A 6.9
B 4.75
C 9.8
D 7.4
E 6.3
F 15mm
Inlet Ports 3/8-18 NPTF
Mounting Studs 5/8-11 UNC

Replacement Parts

UL-Disc : 2016HTND2UL-4313
Stroke 2.5"
A- Release Bolt Assembly K1003015-PL
B- Dust Cap K1173007
C- Clamp Assembly K1002013
E- Diaphragm K100200

Warranty (6 years)

The UltraLife-Disc Characteristics

  • Full Immersion E-coating
    Full immersion electro-deposition coating inside and out and an exclusive powder coating finish for the most durable corrosion protection in the industry.

  • Unique Port Adapter
    UL-Disc features a unique composite port adapter which reduces profile size and allows for easy air connection.

  • Patented Bushing Assembly
    Patented bushing assembly provides center seal that traps lubricant for extended service, reducing center section leaks and brake drag.

  • Premium Diaphragm
    Premium diaphragms feature high quality contaminant resistant rubber reinforced with nylon fabric tested well beyond the toughest industry specifications.

  • All Steel Design
    All steel design provides durable, air tight center section that virtually eliminates leaks, structural failures and prevents galvanic corrosion.

  • High Vibration Base
    TSE designed High Vibration "HV" mounting base reduces vibration for longer life standard on UltraLife products.

  • Innovative Design
    UL-Disc features a 100% steel inverted spring bottom housing that reduces both spring coil-to-coil contact and spring coil-to-spring housing contact. The all-steel design provides a durable, air-tight center section that virtually eliminates leaks and structural failures, while the recessed pressure plate allows for a shorter and more compact chamber.

  • Premium Quality
    TSE is an ISO 9001 and KBA certified company. As an OEM premium direct fit and aftermarket replacement, UL-Disc is the premium brake for your heavy-duty disc brake trucking application.

  • Tough Main Spring
    UltraLife main spring adds a proprietary base coating in addition to TSE's multi-stage coating system for the ultimate in corrosion protection. Tested to double SAE standards, UL-Disc’s main spring actually exceeds SAE dry cycle testing requirements in a slurry environment.

  • Complete In-House Testing
    UL-Disc brake actuators undergo rigorous in-house testing in TSE’s comprehensive testing lab. Tests include variable pressure cycle testing, vibration testing, hot cell cycle testing, salt spray testing, cold cell leak/operational testing and slurry testing

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
    With TSE’s exclusive in-house process, all parts of the UL-Disc actuator receive a multi-stage pre-treatment prior to e-coat and an extra layer of polyester powder coating protection.
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