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TSE REX - Rapid Exchange Push rod system receives US Patent

TSE Brakes
TSE Brakes
February 12th, 2021

On February 9, 2021 the US Patent Office issued patent number US 10,913,439 B2 to TSE Brakes, Inc. This patent, titled: VEHICLES AND BRAKING SYSTEMS FOR VEHICLES HAVING A SPRING BRAKE ACTUATOR WITH REPLACEABLE PUSH ROD ASSEMBLY, shows TSE Brakes commitment to providing solutions to their customers through constant innovation.

This patent covers the TSE-REX product line which is available in both the OmniBrake and UltraLife Plus brands. The exchangeable pushrod system provided by TSE-REX adds value for customers in multiple ways and continues TSE’s commitment to the “Voice of the Customer”. This approach ensures world class quality and product performance.

One of the many advantages provided by the TSE-REX system is the reduction in cost of repairs for customers in vocations that are prone to bending the pushrod. Bending of the pushrod is especially common in the container chassis market. The pushrods are bent during the stacking of the container chassis for storage. The TSE-REX system allows the fleet to change the pushrod that gets bent without removing the brake chamber and/or dealing with potential air leaks. This results in a reduction in labor as well as a reduction in parts cost when compared to replacing an entire brake chamber.

Another feature of the TSE-REX system is a reduction in the number of different parts that a distributor needs to carry to cover the typical applications. A REX brake chamber comes pre-assembled with a pushrod stem and a female threaded coupler. The customer then adds the appropriate exchangeable pushrod to meet the required length and clevis dimensions necessary for his application. When combined with Variable Clocking Technology (VCT), another patented solution offered exclusively by TSE Brakes, a single brake chamber can be configured to meet almost any application. This is accomplished because the VCT feature allows for easy adjustment of inlet port angles relative to the mounting studs. The benefit of the VCT feature is that the diaphragm on the service side of the chamber is permanently sealed making the clocking procedure easy and leak free.

Darin Cate
Vice President of Engineering
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