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Remote Pull-to-Lock Chamber

TSE Brakes offers a unique “pull-to-lock” chamber as part of its OmniBrake family. This chamber was originally designed as a tailgate lock for dump trucks/trailers that allowed drivers to release the tailgate when air pressure is applied. In addition to use as a tailgate lock, the remote chamber has found many new markets, including use as a drawbar lift and clamp apparatus.
Remote Pull-to-Lock Chamber

The Remote Pull-to-Lock Chamber Characteristics

  • Better Design
    The OmniBrake remote chamber features TSE’s patented design with a completely sealed, all steel housing and center section. The main spring is made from chrome silicon pre-tempered wire and specially coated to provide you with premium life and durability characteristics.

  • Corrosion Protection
    OmniBrake remote chambers undergo TSE’s in-house full immersion e-coating of housing and internal components, guaranteeing 100% coating and consistent thickness for excellent corrosion protection.

  • Stroke
    The remote chambers are available in a 2.5” and 3” stroke, with custom specifications available upon request.

  • Warranty
    OmniBrake remote chambers feature a 3-year warranty standard and 2 years for severe service applications.

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3 years
2 years
Severe Service

Options Table

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Option Number CategoryDescriptionB DimensionCaged
30RPC2Remote ChambersT-30 Remote 2.5" stroke6.57"N
30RPC3Remote ChambersT-30 Remote 3.0" stroke6.20"N
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